Insight & foresight.

Turning real cultural understanding into actionable knowledge.

Our insights are actionable because they are real

We understand people. We understand culture. We will always bring the complete
human experience to create value and meaning for you. Everything we do and deliver is aimed at helping you ​take action and move forward.

Experts in cultural shifts and movements 

We analyze all key sociocultural shifts and movements to uncover new markets and possibilities for your business.

Experience Journey Mapping

Visualizing the customer journey to identify how and where to take your brand/service/product experience to the next level.

Future Opportunity Mapping

Identifying white spots and opportunities to make your brand grow and prosper.

Market mapping

Differentiating customer groups to make your brand activities relevant and to-the-point.

Cultural Exploration

Mapping out the cultural backdrop and changes in the market to uncover new possibilities for your brand.

Trend and Foresight

Understanding key strategic shifts that are shaping the future customer expectations on your arena.

Target Profiling

Identifying how your brand can connect with the everyday struggles and desires of your customers.

Brand X-Ray

Identifying the current brand position and how the brand can become more attractive in relation to the competition.

Future Product and Service Exploration

Making sure that new product and service concepts create value and meaning for future customers.

Future Forum

A cross brand and industry approach to explore future market shifts and how you can navigate them in a smart way.

We have been around

With three decades of human research, we know how to interpret people for the future.

We get our hands dirty

Constantly being out in the real world, keeps us updated in human everyday realities.

Our ears are to the ground

Our diverse community “The Crowd”consists of 30 000+ people across the Nordics.

Fredrik Öhrfelt
Managing Partner

Whether it’s understanding new snack habits or a crash course in Nordic design… we will boost your customer experience to the next level.


Battling sugar through innovation

Together with ICA, we’ve embarked on various projects aimed at creating more relevant, healthy, and sustainable private label products that will make a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

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Operation Smile

A new way of giving

‍Operation Smile, one of the largest surgical volunteer-based non-profits, revolutionized the accessibility of high-quality cleft surgery starting in 1982. For this project, Operation Smile partnered with Augur to explore new market potential and ensure that access to safe surgery remains a given not just today, but in the future as well.

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Scouting for future food signals

Valio is known as one of the most innovative dairy and food company in the world. It is a brand leader in Finland, well known also in Sweden and a major player in the international dairy ingredients market. To stay relevant in such fast moving category, Valio always has to be one step ahead – ensuring that they’re in line with (or even ahead) consumer trends and emerging needs.

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Connected living – Telia’s future manual

As the Nordic leading telco and media company, Telia need to be on top of how consumer culture is developing over time, and what future consumers will demand. We help Telia staying in a thought-leading perspective.

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The grocery store for a multicultural society

ICA is Sweden’s leading grocery retailer driven by a vision to make life easier for consumers. In order to stay on top of the game, it is essential to keep track of changes in society and food habits.

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Car-sharing company

Next level car sharing

The competitor landscape for a car-sharing company is not only other car-sharing companies, but all modes of transportation. Today mobility is becoming increasingly critical in urban areas all over the world.

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Reclaiming beer as a natural meal drink

Beer has increasingly lost its place as a natural meal drink. This is the story how we helped Spendrups reclaim the folköl and put it back on the table.

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