Arla's Swedish innovation team collaborated with Augur to explore future consumer needs, behaviors, and meal occasions, particularly among families. We detected early signals of change and a mindset shift away from the traditional three-meals-per-day norm.

Arla is an international dairy company and cooperative owned by 8 500 farmers around Europe. Arla is the world’s largest producer of organic dairy products and one of the strongest players on the global dairy arena.

“Augur were a very strong partner agency, passionately diving very deep into the consumer interviews and insights, doing brilliant analysis work bringing new fresh insights, and all with a very positive and engaging spirit. This work and report has become a catalyst for innovation and new thinking”

Julian Reisz, Head of Commercial Innovation at Arla

Arla’s Swedish innovation team teamed up with Augur to explore future needs, behaviours and meal occasions among consumers; more specifically families. As an organization with ambitious goals around sustainability and leader in the dairy industry, they were looking for a future-facing approach to exploring and unlocking consumer shifts on a broader scale.

“This snacking behaviour I’ve adopted, not only before lunch but also afternoons. You pass the fridge and grab something just because you happen to be in the proximity of it.”

Shaping the future of Dairy

We started our journey by looking outside to see what trends will shape consumer’s attitudes, behaviors to food over the coming years in order to sharpen our eyes and ears when talking to consumers. By combining ethnographic online food diaries with group discussions, we could unlock emerging behaviours and needs that could give clues to how people might eat and drink in the future.

The result was a rich pool of first-hand consumer insights and opportunities that got us all excited! We were able to identify early signals of change and a shift in mentality related to the traditional three-meals-per-day-norm. But most of all, Arla now has fuel to kick-start future innovations on their journey towards shaping the dairy of tomorrow.

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