Customer-first strategy rooted in real human experiences.

We do strategy rooted in the complete human experience

We know how to evolve your business strategy in sync with a deep understanding of people and culture in your markets.

We future-proof your strategy

We help your business stay relevant in ever changing times. We analyze key sociocultural shifts and movements and are connected to your future customers, knowing what the pioneers in your market want.

We move your business forward 

Driven by data and deep insights we bring you hands-on and actionable strategic tools that move your business forward.

Market Opportunity Development

We help you grow. By understanding the market in full, exploring key growth opportunities to create great customer experiences, and deciding on a futureproof direction for your business.

Brand Strategy

We make your brand great. By mapping the market, identifying a relevant position, and designing a brand experience that customers both need and love.

CX Strategy

We make your customers happy and loyal. By crafting a strong, attractive and distinctive customer experience, marrying your business model with real human needs.

Innovation Strategy

We ensure you stay ahead. By setting a strategic framework for how to best innovate your business – based on our deep understanding of emerging human experiences aligned with your business capabilities.

Value Proposition Design

We boost your profitability. By crafting strong human centric value propositions that are valuable experiences, both for your customers and for your business.

Communication Strategy

We make your message count. By creating strategically relevant communication concepts that truly resonate with the cultural contexts of today and tomorrow.

Insight & Foresight Strategy

We make you customer centric. By setting up processes for gathering insights and trends in a structured way, making sure that action in your organization is informed on all levels.

Making it hands-on and actionable

You will get concrete and comprehensible strategy that all of your team can act upon.

Partnerships are our thing

Let’s get involved together. Not just to get a better working relationship, but also to ensure relevance and ownership.

A boutique mindset

No business is like another, that’s why we customize every project for you.

Jan Unkuri
Managing Partner

Whether its a brand proposition for a new crisp beer or a CX playbook for the modern insurance company… we are here to marry your business model with real human needs.


Redefining the Future of Payments

Swish started in 2012 as a cooperation between six of the largest banks in Sweden. Fast forward to 2024, Swedes make over two million payments per day in the Swish system. Augur applied a holistic approach to identify ways Swish could innovate to stay ahead.

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A guiding light for B2B customer experience

Nobia is the leading kitchen specialist in Europe, with prolific brands like HTH, Marbodal and Magnet. In spring 2022, Augur worked closely with B2B customers and our Nordic team to create an innovative CX vision.

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Operation Smile

A new way of giving

‍Operation Smile, one of the largest surgical volunteer-based non-profits, revolutionized the accessibility of high-quality cleft surgery starting in 1982. For this project, Operation Smile partnered with Augur to explore new market potential and ensure that access to safe surgery remains a given not just today, but in the future as well.

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Suprisingly sustainable

Electrolux is a leading global home appliance company that has shaped living for the better for more than 100 years. This is the story about how Electrolux partnered with Augur to equip home chefs with the inspiration and tools they need to choose sustainable eating.

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Creating a long-term customer success strategy in a declining newspaper market

Even though news consumption has become increasingly digital over the past decades, Aftonbladet’s paper edition is still going strong and making up an important part of Aftonbladet’s business.

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Moderna Försäkringar

Designing state-of-the-art CX for the insurance customer

In 2020, Moderna Försäkringar was Sweden’s fifth largest insurance company, but out on a mission to challenge the big four in the market by creating a state-of-the-art customer experience in the category.

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Car-sharing company

Next level car sharing

The competitor landscape for a car-sharing company is not only other car-sharing companies, but all modes of transportation. Today mobility is becoming increasingly critical in urban areas all over the world.

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