In 2020, Moderna Försäkringar was Sweden’s fifth largest insurance company, but out on a mission to challenge the big four in the market by creating a state-of-the-art customer experience in the category.

To design a state-of-the-art customer experience in the world of insurance we worked with both a core team of dedicated insiders at Moderna Försäkringar and an extended cross-functional team of key personnel from all parts of the organization.

  1. In a first step we defined a long-term vision for the customer experience, based on target group insights and brand strategy.
  2. In a second step we analyzed the four major customer journeys that make up the customer experience in insurance (acquiring insurance, customer onboarding, customer relationship and claims administration) to identify moments of truth and key pain points in these customer journeys.
  3. In a third step we designed new and ideal customer journeys based on deep understanding of the insurance customer’s needs, behaviour and attitudes.
  4. In a fourth step we set up a channel strategy to deliver on these new and improved customer journeys.

The CX Playbook – an actionable tool for the ideal customer experience

The CX vision, the ideal customer experiences and the channel strategy, including prioritized key actions, were delivered as a CX Playbook to Moderna Försäkringar. It was implemented across the whole organization to influence decision-making on all levels and act as a blueprint for all development and design efforts going forward.