We envision and bring tomorrows brilliant experiences to life.

We help ambitious organisations to act on opportunities, accelerate growth and drive positive market impact.

Together with you we create spearhead services, products and human experiences that keep you one step ahead. From ideas to action – we design winning experiences.

Get from insights to prototypes as quickly as possible

We kick-start your innovation process and build new products and services in face paced iterative design sprints.

Transform my customer experience

Develop services for a world class customer experience to serve the full customer lifecycle in every touchpoint.

Identify and act upon emerging trends

Identify what future culture and consumers want. Build new brands, services, products and businesses based on unmet needs and market opportunities.

Test and minimize risk in my new business ideas

We help you validate market demand quickly with early scaled down concept prototypes in the real world with real users.

Create an innovation culture

We help your team overcome organizational silos and barriers to boost your innovation capabilities.

The Augur Innovation Manifesto

Our workplace does not end with our office walls. We are out there. In the real world. With real people.
All projects are tailor-made. Our process is put together from proven activities, methods and deliverables from our solid toolbox.
We always focus on creating business value. Otherwise we head back to the drawing board.
We believe in the power of cross-functional teams. We bring a broad spectrum of senior expertise to your table.
While we create the future – we are having fun!
Jesper Brink
Innovation & Foresight

Whether its a new functional smoothie or a completely new way of consuming news… we are here to push from ideas into action.


A guiding light for B2B customer experience

Nobia is the leading kitchen specialist in Europe, with prolific brands like HTH, Marbodal and Magnet. In spring 2022, Augur worked closely with B2B customers and our Nordic team to create an innovative CX vision.

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Exploring tomorrow’s meal occasions with Arla

Arla's Swedish innovation team collaborated with Augur to explore future consumer needs, behaviors, and meal occasions, particularly among families. We detected early signals of change and a mindset shift away from the traditional three-meals-per-day norm.

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Battling sugar through innovation

Together with ICA, we’ve embarked on various projects aimed at creating more relevant, healthy, and sustainable private label products that will make a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

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Innovating the payment card of tomorrow

Klarna is Europe’s highest valued fin-tech company offering the market an ecosystem of online payment solutions, a shopping app, bank services and its own payment card. To boost take-up and usage of the payment card, Klarna partnered with Augur to create the payment card of tomorrow.

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Revamping breakfast

Arla needed to strengthen their position within the breakfast occasion. We helped them tap into the world of niche breakfast trends so they can edge up their launches to the masses.

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Reclaiming beer as a natural meal drink

Beer has increasingly lost its place as a natural meal drink. This is the story how we helped Spendrups reclaim the folköl and put it back on the table.

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