Klarna is Europe’s highest valued fin-tech company offering the market an ecosystem of online payment solutions, a shopping app, bank services and its own payment card. To boost take-up and usage of the payment card, Klarna partnered with Augur to create the payment card of tomorrow.

We collaborated with Klarna to innovate a winning value proposition across key European markets for the Klarna card.

In a first phase of exploration we learned everything there is to know about how card users in Sweden, Germany and UK make payments and what challenges they experience with payments today.

Innovation sprint with focus on market potential

Based on that insight we ran an innovation sprint with a large team of marketers, designers and developers at Klarna to ideate and conceptualize a number of value propositions with high market potential.

Buy now – Pay later

Co-creation with consumers

We then brought in Klarna’s strategic target group to help develop the propositions in consumer co-creation sessions. In this process we also identified the four most promising concepts to take further into consumer validation.

These concepts were evaluated with card users across Sweden, Germany and UK to identify the most promising proposition to take to market.

Launched in UK, Sweden and Germany

Today, the Klarna card is a successful part of Klarna’s payment ecosystem, and increasingly part of Klarna’s offering across the numerous new markets Klarna is launching on.