Value Proposition Design

We boost your profitability. By crafting strong human centric value propositions that are valuable experiences, both for your customers and for your business.

By iterating insight and ideation we homein on the most relevant and promising value proposition(s) for your business.


Innovating the payment card of tomorrow

Klarna is Europe’s highest valued fin-tech company offering the market an ecosystem of online payment solutions, a shopping app, bank services and its own payment card. To boost take-up and usage of the payment card, Klarna partnered with Augur to create the payment card of tomorrow.

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Creating a long-term customer success strategy in a declining newspaper market

Even though news consumption has become increasingly digital over the past decades, Aftonbladet’s paper edition is still going strong and making up an important part of Aftonbladet’s business.

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Reclaiming beer as a natural meal drink

Beer has increasingly lost its place as a natural meal drink. This is the story how we helped Spendrups reclaim the folköl and put it back on the table.

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