‍Operation Smile, one of the largest surgical volunteer-based non-profits, revolutionized the accessibility of high-quality cleft surgery starting in 1982. For this project, Operation Smile partnered with Augur to explore new market potential and ensure that access to safe surgery remains a given not just today, but in the future as well.

The demand for safe surgery pushed Operation Smile to challenge old truths about fund raising

For the last four decades, Operation Smile has improved the health and dignity of patients with cleft conditions across the globe. The insatiable demand for safe surgery was pushing Operation Smile to evolve and grow to make the most use of their expertise, skills, and competencies.

Operation Smile Sweden therefore looked to challenge old truths about fund raising, find new ways of getting their message across, and reach new target groups.

The biggest value of working together with the Augur team was that they forced us to develop our strategy around our repositioning and our brand platform in an organized and structured way, as well as injecting lots of energy during the process.

New market potential through insight, brand- and communication strategy

Augur’s main contribution was to identify new market potential by:

  1. Insight: Identifying new target groups (donors) with strong potential.
  2. Brand strategy: Tweaking the current positioning to align with new organizational goals while also appealing to current and new donor groups
  3. Communication strategy: Identifying opportunity message areas and creating a channel strategy for reaching new donor groups