Electrolux is a leading global home appliance company that has shaped living for the better for more than 100 years. This is the story about how Electrolux partnered with Augur to equip home chefs with the inspiration and tools they need to choose sustainable eating.

Last year Electrolux launched a major brand campaign around taste and sustainable eating. As part of this journey, Electrolux teamed up with Augur to create a strategic concept platform to bring Electrolux products to life.

Really good food is greater than the sum of all parts it’s created from. Consumers put taste above everything else, so we took the time to really understand the entire cooking journey where taste is a priority in every step of the way.  ​

Identifying opportunity areas

Our project started out with exploring and analysing business strategies, trends and consumer insights. Sustainable eating is about more than ingredient choice. Not surprisingly, sustainable eating is quite a complex topic, ranging from what and when to eat, preparing and storing to food waste reduction and cooking techniques. Then, we workshopped with Marketing  and Brand Managers as well as CX experts internally to identify three different opportunity areas – how can Electrolux equip home chefs with the inspiration and tools they need to choose sustainable eating?

Sustainable eating is about more than ingredient choice

Discover the true taste of sustainability

We know that consumers take sustainability seriously, and that includes thinking about the way they cook and eat. However, we also know that food is one of life’s great pleasures and “sustainable cooking” doesn’t exactly get the mouth watering. But far from being dreary and bland, sustainable cooking unlocks a whole new world of flavours, textures and possibilities. That’s why we want to inspire home cooks to discover the true taste of sustainability.

Life is full of compromises, but food love is something I'm not willing to scrimp on.​

We don’t want our target group to feel guilty about what they choose to (or not) to do. Uplifting and emotional communication is important if we want our messages to be sticky.

The starting point for all communication

The strategic concept platform creates a bridge between business strategies, customer insights, services and products and becomes the strategic starting point in all branding, communication and customer experience activities. In addition, it creates inspiration and clarity inhouse.