ICA is Sweden’s leading grocery retailer driven by a vision to make life easier for consumers. In order to stay on top of the game, it is essential to keep track of changes in society and food habits.

Sweden is an increasingly multicultural society which has grown rapidly due to the immigration of recent years, and new food habits and preferences are formed. Offering a product range that effectively meets the demands of a multicultural society is a key challenge for ICA.

Looking into peoples' fridges

In order to gain in-depth understanding of new food habits, we conducted extensive ethnographic research in suburban areas of Stockholm, visiting families from for instance East Africa, Balkan and Poland. By opening cupboard doors, looking into their fridges, eating and buying food with them we uncovered the cornerstones of their cooking habits. We also tracked their purchase preferences and general expectations on the in-store experience.  

A strategy for new demands

The project resulted in a detailed portrayal of the different target groups and their approach to buying food and cooking/eating, but also the symbolic value of certain food products and habits. The insights were used to create a strategy for how ICA can meet the new demands by offering products that play a key part in new cooking and eating habits, thus making life easier for new target groups.