As the Nordic leading telco and media company, Telia need to be on top of how consumer culture is developing over time, and what future consumers will demand. We help Telia staying in a thought-leading perspective.

We conducted extensive trend scouting, and formed hypotheses for major themes to focus on. This was followed by insight exploration focusing on progressive consumers – including an extensive quantitative survey, qualitative immersions and expert interviews in the Nordics and the Baltics.

We asked them to tell us everything about their habits today and their expectations and plans going forward.

Identifying six consumer shifts shaping the future

All of the elements were sewn together in a ”future manual” that summarized all of the major themes that will be guiding us in the future – from the rise of the smart home to health hacking and hiding data from companies.

Fast-forward five or ten years into the future, when the tech ecosystems that are emerging have matured into fully seamless experiences, and the battle between brands to become our preferred personal life coach will truly be on.

We identified six distinct key user expectations emerging, that we have named as follows:

  1. Simplify My Life – the future is friction-free
  2. Guide & Inspire Me – it's your job to tell me what I want
  3. Optimize My Life – hacking sleep, productivity and happiness
  4. Be My Trusted Partner – friends don't need terms & conditions
  5. Share My Values – we want to buy more than a product
  6. Give Me Experiences – limited attention for unlimited entertainment

Continuously updated

The report is used both internally to support ensure customer-centricity in all process, but also externally for branding and marketing purposes. The material is continuously updated, in order for Telia Group to stay on top of how the expectations of consumers are developing overtime.