Augur has an ongoing collaboration with Spendrups where we, prior to packaging redesigns for their beer brands, ensure that the new design will win on the shelf – embracing modernity, consumer relevance, and uniqueness.

In one of our recent projects we helped Pistonhead, a rebel within the lager landscape, update its appearance.

We provided recommendations for packaging development guided by a semiotic analysis based on consumers' real sentiments and associations with both the packaging and the brand itself. In the consumer focus groups, it became clear that Pistonhead is very much associated with providing a different and unique experience, something for those who wish to unleash their inner rebel for a single night.

Unveiling Pistonhead's Packaging Potential Through Semiotic Analysis

The analysis illuminated how the packaging supports vs opposes this desired target position, identifying which elements to retain for recognition, and which elements to tone down or remove in order to reduce unwanted associations such as outdated or boring, which came out as the flipside of the old design.

Amplifying Iconic Elements and Modern Aesthetics

Based on our recommendations, Spendrups’ design agency produced a new design that better meet these requirements. The iconic skull emblem has gotten a more prominent position, and the monochrome black beer can gives a more modern and unique feel.

Furthermore, the recognizability between the products has been heightened through a more consistent and uniform visual identity.