June 25, 2024

We're looking for quantitative researchers!

Are you interested in what makes people tick? Are you curious about the highs and lows of the cultural landscape surrounding us? Can you analyze contemporary life like no one else you know? Do you think that customers deserve better experiences with the brands they buy from? Do you want to improve the everyday lives of people coping with today’s products and services? Do you want to help brands reach their full potential? Yes to all of the above? Keep reading because it’s people like you we’d love to have on board!

We’re looking for quantitative researchers who love working with quant but also have experience combining quant and qual in mixed-methodology projects and who are open to learning more about qualitative research methods as a complement. At Augur we don’t organize our team according to methodology expertise, instead we believe that research methods should complement one another and are best used in combination. We think that the best researchers are those who can work and think in a hybrid fashion.

As a researcher at Augur you will manage and execute research projects for our clients, both stand-alone projects and research as part of bigger strategic assignments. You are analytical and understand that data and insights aren’t the same thing. You can turn insights into business value, can communicate your thinking in intuitive and engaging ways and enjoy both collaborating with and challenging clients throughout the research processes.

We want you to have documented experience within quantitative research and that you have, at some point in your career, worked with primary research in an agency environment. You may be a seasoned veteran or a rising star as long as you have your curiosity for people, culture and society intact.

For us to consider your application we want to see that you:

- Have a university degree within a relevant field

- Are a good communicator, both verbally and in written text, in both Swedish and English

- Have solid analytical skills

- Are a great team-player

- Are self-motivated with a high work ethic

- Have an open mind and a can-do mentality

We believe that the right personality and a personal match with our team are more important than having the perfect CV. If you think you would thrive in our environment and share our values, we would love to hear from you. You may apply on LinkedIn or get in touch directly with Jan Unkuri through jan@augur.se.