May 19, 2023

On the road with SJ EuroNight

Berlin, here we come! We‘ve packed our bags and gone on a train service safari.

We’re currently aligning with SJ to help them improve their customer experience on the new night train from Stockholm to Hamburg and Berlin. It’s an exciting and collaborative project where we‘ve packed our bags and gone on a train service safari to Berlin to experience the ride firsthand.

We’re combining this with customers video documenting their trips, in-depth interviews and focus groups with travelers as well as personnel from the train and customer service to get a 360 perspective on what creates passenger satisfaction and what improvements should be prioritized.

The Glorious Life of a Service Designer

Embracing a customer-centric approach for success

To help this further, we’re gathering video material from customers to help spread the insights from the study internally. The project is part of SJ’s ongoing goal of implementing a more customer-centric way of working in all parts of the business.

Read more (in Swedish) about the new night train:

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