Some do UX. Some do CX. We do HX. 
The complete human experience.

In a crazy world, driven by technology and moving faster than ever, we need to stay focused on human experiences to make smart moves. At Augur we make genuine sense of the complete human experience, and then we create better experiences for the future together with you. It will grow your business – and make your customers happier. Because we believe in making the market a better experience for all.

& Create


By applying our deep research skills we UNDERSTAND and make sense of human experiences.


Market & Category Mapping

Usage & Attitudes (U&A)

Brand Analysis


Target Group Profiling

Customer Experience Journeys

Trend Analysis

Future Insights

Product & Concept Evaluation

UX Testing

Communication Evaluation

Using analytics and creativity we CREATE great experiences for humans in your market.


Market Positioning

Brand Strategy

Brand Engagement

Product & Service Innovation

Experience Design

Service Design

Thought-leadership narratives



Moderna Försäkringar

From Target Group Profiling
To A New Brand Experience

We Understood... The true role of insurance in the lifeworld of modern and progressive consumers.


We Created... A brand strategy to challenge the insurance market.

How we did it:

Target Group Profiling 
Trend Analysis 

Quantitative Market Mapping

Positioning & Brand Strategy Workshops

Brand Ambassador Training



From Macro Trends & Contextual Immersion
To A Thought-Leadership Position

We Understood... What kind of consumerism and cultures arise in a post-industrial society


We Created... A thought-leading narrative of future consumption and consumer groups

How we did it:

Macro Trend Analysis 
Expert Interviews

Contextual Immersion (in post-industrial cultures like Detroit and Silicon Valley)

Ethnography with pioneer consumers



From Target Group Profiling
To A New Content Strategy

We Understood... Who the real, paying, target group is for tabloid newspapers in this decade.


We Created... A reinvention of content for the new strategic target group and strategic guidelines for the future.

How we did it:

Ethnographic interviews

Focus Groups

Quantitative Analysis

Implementation Workshops 
Ideation Workshop 

Concept Workshops

Open Sign


From Network Provider
To Business Partner

We Understood... The needs gap between the current customer experience and small business needs.


We Created... A new onboarding journey designed to maximise the value of the relationship.

How we did it:

Target Group Interviews

Customer Journey Mapping

Ideation Workshops

Service Design

rawpixel-754045-unsplash (1).jpg


From Target Group Profiling
To Multicultural Product Strategy

We Understood... The new food habits and demands of prioritised targets in an emerging multicultural society.


We Created... A strategy to meet the new product demands and make life easier for new target groups.

How we did it:

Ethnographic research
Suburban immersion

Peach Yogurt Parfait


From Niche breakfast trends 
To A mass market product range

We Understood... The potential future impact of health-driven breakfast trends.


We Created... A series of Arla's most successful breakfast products to date. Arla became a first mover with their unique take on the high-volume quark product range.

How we did it:

Trend analysis
Ethnographic Interviews
Ideation Workshops

Concept Workshops 
Concept Development Sessions

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