Don’t be a fool, have a….Huel?

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve noticed the phrase "don’t be a fool – have a Huel!" being thrown around a lot more often at the office – at least among the 25% of our colleagues who have become 'Hueligans', or passionate devotees of Huel. So what is Huel and why is this shift worth talking about?...

So what is Huel?

’Human Fuel’ obviously... It’s a meal replacement formula in powder form produced in the UK. Half a litre of water; 3 scoops Huel powder; 15 seconds of shaking; and voila! Lunch is served. (Followed by a heated debate between the foodies and the Heulies.)

Why is it worth talking about?

What’s interesting about products like Huel and Soylent (the US version) is that they ask us to think honestly about the functional vs hedonistic split of our daily energy intake, and then offer up a very simple proposition – in those cases where the purpose predominantly energy replenishment, isn’t it better to go with a cheap, time-efficient, nutritionally optimal vegan shake rather than with a $10 forgettable meal that we won’t particularly savour in any case? Is this the start of the shift towards food viewed primarily an optimisable energy source?

So, will all of Augur soon be overtaken by Hueligans? Maybe not in the near future as the office remains (passionately!) divided. Still, the simple fact that a quarter of us have already joined team Huel must be seen as a pretty impressive early win for the powder and a testament to the potential mass-market appeal of the proposition.

If want to see what all the fuss is about feel free to swing by the office around lunch and give it a try. In the meantime, here’s some good reading on the movement:

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