Insight & Outsight

We deliver actionable insights with an understanding of how tomorrow’s reality affects today


We get under the skin of the people you want to attract and analyse the mechanisms in your market. We understand the trends that impact your business. And from all the information that craves your attention these days, we sort out the critical things you need to consider.

We do this better than most because we just love being tuned into peoples’ everyday lives, because we have a chronic itch to understand where this crazy world of ours is heading, and because we’re never afraid to get our hands dirty in the real world outside of conference rooms.

Our research toolbox includes all the qualitative and quantitative methodologies that are required to generate sharp insights. We are highly skilled in conducting anything from quant surveys and data analysis to ethnography, focus groups, in-depth interviews, trend scouting, shopalongs, exit interviews, usability tests, SoMe scanning, online communities and eye-tracking. We map out your consumer journeys, we develop crisp personas and we edit consumentaries that inspire your organization. We also emphasize, stubbornly, that research methods and outputs must be tailored toward your specific market challenges and objectives.

Do you want to be in the know for real?




We connect you with the people that matter to create magnetic and meaningful brands.


Great brands are truly relevant in the lives of people. That’s why we’re your go-to-guys you when you want to develop a genuinely insight driven market strategy. We work closely with you and your organization because the best strategies are brain children of your business smartness and the insights we add.

And yes, strategy is a big fancy word that is often thrown around carelessly. But the thing is, we don’t do corporate mumbo jumbo. We just give you a clearly outlined direction that everybody in your organization can gather around. We make sure you get a hands on tool for decision making that will be comprehended at all levels in your organization.

Sound good?




We’re action oriented thinkers and doers that transform future opportunities into reality


When the world is changing every day, innovation is key to staying fresh on the market. We know how to lead your innovation process with insights that make a difference. We know how to drive your ideation process from inspiration to prototypes. We know how to transform great ideas into sharp product and service concepts. Simply put, we make sure that you innovate smartly, for your future market.

We also know that successful innovation requires braveness and an in-depth understanding of where the market is heading. All of which are qualities we’re proud to bring to the table.

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