Creating the future home in the sky

Designing the air cabin of tomorrow



Airbus A350 is a new generation of jet airliners made primarily out of carbonite. SAS has ordered 8 aircrafts which are currently under construction and due to be added to the fleet in 2019. The new generation of Airbus aircrafts features a wider body which opens up for a new approach to designing the cabin layout. The future cabin should create a premium travel experience aligned with the SAS brand. A key challenge lies in designing a cabin which will be perceived as state of the art and wow travellers in the future.


We dug into how the most experienced travellers perceive long-haul flying. Our approach was contextual research on board an actual aircraft. The newly updated cabin for long-haul flights was used to spark discussions about what the next generation of cabins should include. Groups of Scandinavian frequent travellers were invited on board to take part in walk and talk discussions where the different stages of the long-haul journey were simulated in order to generate ideas for improvement. 


Augur´s delivery put emphasis on the key aspects of the cabin experience on several levels – ranging from seat comfort to technical set-up and on-flight socializing. Through workshops with the SAS team the features generating the greatest impact on the brand experience were identified. This resulted in a roadmap for how to prioritize in the design process and to secure a differentiating brand experience for several years ahead.