Smooth sailing
in the kitchen

Understanding the role
of our most beloved room



Nobia is Europe’s largest kitchen manufacturer, with an extensive portfolio including leading brands such as Magnet in the UK and HTH and Marbodal in the Nordics. As a category leader Nobia is paying close attention to how consumer desires and dreams are developing over time, and how to tap into unmet needs and challenges. Actionable and engaging consumer insights are required in order to maintain momentum and a clear direction for product innovation.


Through extensive ethnographic research in the Nordics and the UK Augur has uncovered key kitchen joy- and pain-points in relation to kitchen behaviour. The kitchen is not only ”the heart of the home” but plays a key part as a stage for enacting and expressing a modern lifestyle and adherence to current ideals. Augur has defined how kitchen behaviour and desires are changing, and helped create a focus for development in collboration with the Nobia team.


Augur’s input has genereted a series of product launches that make the experience of kitchen life in the kitchen both smoother and enjoyable. As a result Nobia has launched a wide range of smart solutions which for instance enable more effective storage and kitchen workflow, but also kitchen solutions which put consumers closer to the lifestyle that they are aspiring to achieve.