Perfecting the customer journey

A more personal and customizable visit



McDonald's Sweden is working hard on personalizing the customer experience of visiting McDonald's restaurants. To design a great and relevant customer experience, McDonald's needed in-depth understanding of the demands and wishes of people who visit their restaurants.


Augur and McDonald's worked in close collaboration over a six month period to generate critical insights about the customer experience, using methodologies like ethnography, shopalongs, eye-tracking and focus groups. To secure the relevancy, implementation and execution of insights in a successful way, the collaborative effort included an internal cross-disciplinary team and external partners such as McDonald's’ ad agency and web agency.


Augur took lead in implementing the insights at McDonald's and with all the different partners. Augur ran a number of executive decision workshops and concept workshops to help McDonald's and the partners translate insights into concrete actions. One of the outcomes is a “test restaurant” where customers will be able to encounter the new McDonald's.