Dreaming of the perfect bed



KungSängen is a leading Swedish manufacturer and retailer of beds and bedroom interior decoration. As a foundation for strategic brand decisions, KungSängen needed an in-depth understanding of their market, including a mapping of the consumer journey and brand equity understanding. The key was to identify and prioritise the target groups with the greatest potential to generate future growth for the brand.


A combined approach was used to generate actionable and engaging growth insights. Key trigger and purchase pain-points were identified through in-depth qualitative research. A quantitative mapping of the market was used to map out relevant market segments and assess target group potential and identify unmet needs and challenges, leading to a strong base for a future differentiated brand.


KungSängen has secured a key understanding of specific needs, attitudes and desires of their strategic target groups. As a result, KungSängen has initiated strategic change involving both digital and physical store channels, along with a new brand tonality, market communication and media strategy.