Creating value-driven brand differentiation

An effective and straight-forward market approach



FM Mattsson and Mora Armatur are two brands from the same group which both have a consumer and B2B-offering. However, addressing the same target groups with two brands has not helped optimize sales. Both consumers and professionals perceive the two brands as very similar and think that they lack a relevant differentiation.


Augur identified new insights on the needs, behaviour and attitudes of both consumer and B2B-targets. This was used a starting-point for defining the market and potential positions for the two brands. The new strategies build on each brands' foundation while also adding new elements that differentiate them from each other and competitors, creating a totality which appeals to both consumer and B2B-targets.


The new insight foundation disqualified a number of ”truths” and gave the organization a new and relevant understanding of what creates value in the market. The new strategies are addressing a clearly defined ”why” which makes them motivating and easy to use. The essence of the two brands and what separates them has become on all levels. This makes it possible to make the right choices and to prioritize relevant ideas in relation to sales, marketing and product development. The organization now operates based on one and the same truth about the market. This makes the interaction between market and product development easier and more effective.