Staying on top of the real estate game

Future proofing the business



Based on disruptive transformation in other markets, Fastighetsbyrån wanted to start preparing for their own transformational journey while their own industry was still in the starting blocks of change. Fastighetsbyrån wanted be the first in their industry to adapt and innovate in accordance with customer’s growing demands, and thereby retain their position as one of the real estate market’s most attractive employers – even 10 years from now. 


Augur developed a focused insight foundation based on existing knowledge about Fastighetsbyrån and the real estate industry, previous research studies, trends, observations from parallel markets, as well as group discussions with real estate agents, franchisees, and representatives from the head offices.


Augur presented a number of possible scenarios for the future of the real estate market, complete with specific and bespoke requirements for product development. The results were implemented within the management team, and discussed in broader contexts within the company. Fastighetsbyrån's development team and HR department continue to modify and adjust their offerings and perspectives in accordance with Augur's base of insights.